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Check back soon to view some of the best rehearsal rooms and recording studios in Warrington. If you are one of said Warrington establishments, contact us to get your recording studio / rehearsal rooms listed here. We will branch out to Manchester and Liverpool based facilities once we have tried and tested the Warrington bunch!

Recording Studio = Acoustic Guitar

Recording Guitar with Paulo

We are a local record label supporting local bands and studios, providing them with a wider platform. To get your recording studio or rehearsal space listed here, contact us – Facebook is the most convenient, or email

This page will contain links to, and information about some of the best recording studios and band rehearsal venues in the North West. The first step for any band is to find good rehearsal space to hone their set and practice their songs before taking the plunge and going into that recording studio. It is important for unsigned musicians to know exactly what they want to record before they step into the studio, in order to make the most of the time they have there, and get the most for the money. You don’t want to spending money in the studio as you write an extra guitar part for a half recorded track.

The recording studios we will feature offer the best value for money for bands who are on a tight budget, or those who simply want that professional sounding recording, without the professional looking price tag. Many studios can offer all the top equipment and have a long line of impressive recording artists, but unless you have a lucky break (or a rich contributor) you will be looking at something cheaper for your first unsigned recordings.

This said, we will also include a section on local studios renowned for producing top quality work, for thise bands who may have recently struck a deal, or have the rich contributor we mentioned earlier.

Keep checking back to this page as we collect our directory of local recording and rehearsal providers. The list will then be added to, as and when we have checked out new additions.

Recoding Studio Manchester

Mixing in the studio.

Recording Studio - Vocals

Recording Vocals

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